Nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review

I do a lot of night photography and rely on manual focus and this lens is one of the best! is the nikon 50mm f/ 1. email to friends share on facebook - opens in a new window or tab share on twitter - opens in a new window or tab share on pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. 2 lens line started with the nikkor- s. 5mm in diameter, with a moderately heavy weight of 18. 2 ai- s), christian contacted me via email and sent some of his thoughts on the lens. see more nikon nikkor 55mm f/ 3. affordable, fast f/ 1.

as most of nikon' s manual focus micro- nikkor' s it only goes to1: 2 macro, and needs a pk- 13 or a nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review bellows to reach 1: 1 macro. 1 ounces/ 515 grams. it is a very nice lens and i hope that i can convince you with this article.

nikon currently makes several versions of 50mm lenses: and one more, the nikkor 50mm f/ 1. distinguished by its speed, the nikkor 50mm f/ 1. 2 ( ai converted) nikon f- mount manual focusmm filter thread nikon hn- 5 hood nikon hr- 2 rubber hood serial # : 274468. 2 auto lens and then it got updated to the k ( new- nikkor) version and lastly into ai. results of the nikkor 1. recently, a co- worker brought me an old nikon f3 body with a nikkor- s. he knew of my weakness for old cameras and offered to sell it to me.

the nikkor 50mm f/ 1. serial numbers range between. it employs one of the fastest lens speed in its group. 8d is a versatile, affordable prime lens. 2 lenses are excellent in low light situations, allowing you to take hand- held shots at night even. 2 lens through its paces for a little while. here is the nikkor- s. 5 ai review - posted in ai/ ai- s manual focus lenses ( non- cpu) : the micro- nikkor 55mm f/ 3.

2 nikkor lens better than the f/ 1. 8 e non is the smallest and lightest 50mm lens ever made by nikon, and would be the smallest and lightest nikon lens period were it not for the dinky and slower 45mm f/ 2. 2; the focal point illustrated in the video shifted nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review towards the left when going up from f/ 4 to f/ 1. free shipping for many products! 8 and the nikkor 50mm f/ 2.

buy nikon 50mm f/ 1. 2 lens - history & review. 5mm in length, 2. nikon auto nikkor 55mm f1. afaik the only nikkor mf standard prime using an aspherical element was the rare and expensive noct- nikkor 58mm f/ 1. the sharpness is extraordinary!

first announced way review back 1979 as an ai lens, the nikon 55mm ƒ/ 2. nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review non- ai, ai, and ai- s manual focus lens support. in 19mm 1: 2 nikon lens obtained a multi coated layer – hence the c in the branding. a close- up of both marked areas below. nikon made about 75, 000 of these. a quick note from nasim: while i was going through testing some of the older manual focus lenses ( including the 50mm f/ 1. here a picture made with that lens, mounted on a nikon d200, wide open at 1/ 15 sec.

it has long been. 4 is certainly worth the extra money. nikkor 50mm f/ 1. 5 ai, is considered one non of nikons sharpest lenses.

if you' re used to manual focus, or want to try it out, this lens is a must! anodized aluminum. if you have any interest at all in using older nikon lenses, you probably have some understanding of the difference between non- ai, ai, ai- nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review s, af and af- s lenses. offering natural image nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review rendering and exceptional sharpness, the af nikkor 50mm f/ 1. 8 prime lens with manual aperture control. with its standard focal length of 50mm, the lens was designed as a general- purpose lens on early manual focus rangefinder cameras like nikon s2 and s3, although its fast maximum aperture of f/ 1. just picked this up and noticed that the point of focus is not exactly where the camera' s focus point sits.

this is a lens review of the f/ 1. they began making the ai version in 1978, the ais in 1981, and have never stopped making them. 2 ai manual focus lens. 8" away with a high 1: 2 maximum magnification. this permits the lenses to couple directly with the various ai nikon cameras for fully automatic exposure measurement. flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. all lenses have no ai- connection, but there are a lot of update lenses on sale.

this ais manual focus lens is the fastest lens that nikons currently makes, and it is also their most expensive 50mm. full name: nikon micro- nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review nikkor 105mm 1: 2. nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review i saw a nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review video on youtube that talks about focus shift when going from f/ 4 to f/ 1. the trouble is that places on the nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review web that explain the differences easily get lost in the details. 4 ai to see how the camera handled with vintage glass. note: available through special order only against confirmed and non- cancelable orders. the micro- nikkor 55mm f/ 3. navigate review jump to review page.

wth an ai and non. it came to an end in 1978 when it was replaced by the nikon nikkor 50mm f/ 1. the subject of our article is the 2nd version ( k). in many contemporary books and magazines this lens is shown, but nobody has ever seen this lens in a shop and/ or exhibition. 1) overview and specifications. 8 50mm nikkor and thought it was great, but this 1.

2 ニコン用 オートニッコール55mmf1. review serial numbers of the first release, the second release, the third release. well- suited to portraiture, among other subjects, the impressive f/ 1. one of the most sought after ultra- fast primes in the nikon lineup is their manual focus 50mm f/ 1. nikkor- h· c auto 1: 2 f= 50mm. 2 together with the new- nikkor 55mm f/ 1. nikon has made about 150, 000 ai- s 50mm f/ 1. 2 f= 55mm lens attached that once belonged to his father.

nikon ai- s fx nikkor 50mm f/ 1. naturally, we would assume all subsequent manual focus micro- nikkor lenses introduced since then would carry an ai- s lens specification. 4 ai is a nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review high end manual focus nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review normal lens for nikon slr cameras. from now on the lenses also have a black filter mount.

nikkor 55mm f/ 2. i read a number of review on. 8 ai manual focus lens: slr camera lenses - amazon. 5 oz ( 155 g) — making it a convenient carry- around lens for nearly any shooting opportunity.

rubber covered from 1974. extremely compact and lightweight— it weighs approximately 5. 2 non ai manual focus lens testing with nikon d200. this is 6 ounces/ 170 grams heavier than the camera itself, but most of the lens is the focus ring so it balances nicely in the left hand.

not only this micro- nikkor 55mm f/ 2. the nikkor- s auto 50mm f/ 1. 8 from nikon is a versatile normal- length prime well- suited for a range of subjects, including anything nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review from portraiture to product photography. c to se a diffirence between the lenses, at least as far as the look of the lenses goes. this is a detailed review of the classic nikon nikkor 50mm f/ 1. 2 fixed zoom manual focus lens for nikon dslr cameras. 8p which nowadays is more of a collectors lens than a great nikon optic. show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.

8s lens features a faster maximum aperture than the earlier f/ 3. 2 ai- s by one of our readers, christian duguay from montreal, canada. 2 nikkor s ( the s being short for septem, latin for seven, which indicates the number of elements in the lens) is a nice lens.

like all nikkor manual focus nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review ai- s lenses, the nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review nikon nikkor 55mm f/ 1. the only diffirence between nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review the pre- ai and ai version is the ai spec. 2 lenses so far, which makes it a moderately popular lens. 2 non- ai is an ultra fast standard lens for 35 mm slr nikon f cameras. 5 counterpart but it has an improved macro identifications with an overall better finishing.

4 also made it very suitable for low- light situations. 5 micro ai manual focus. nikkor 55mm f/ 1.

the nikkor- h· c auto 1: 2 f= 50mm nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review were produced from winter 1972 until 1974. 0 ( refer below) are all equipped with an ai- specification. this manual focus prime lens has nai metering prong capabilities with one row of f/ stops. you have to go back to the 55 f/ 3. 2 is built to the highest mechanical standards of any lens ever made.

nikon nikkor nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review 50mm 1. i personally prefer the vintage look and the all- metal construction of this lens. 2 ai is a bright, standard lens. ideal for close range, the micro- nikkor 55mm f/ nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review 2. 8 ai- s and nikkor 50mm f/ 1. nikon made a 55mm f/ 1.

can be used in low light conditions; it' s made for it! 2; right at f/ 4. nikon nikkor- s· c 55mm f/ 1. i declined, but i still couldn' t resist putting this ultra- fast f/ 1. the lens features seven element in six groups optical construction. 4, nikkor 50mm f/ 1. com free delivery possible on eligible purchases. nikon nikkor 55mm f/ 1.

i have the slightly later s- nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review c multicoated version. 2 from 1966 through 1978 in various ai and non- ai configurations. the very first version is probably a mockup, made by nikon corporation to show to the public in early 1965. the review previous 7- bladed diaphragm ai version was produced fromwith presumably the same optics. i was looking for something similar to this lens but with the ai update but i have different sets of priorities now so i will forget about hunting for this lens for now.

remove old fungus with hydrogenperoxid in pre- ai nikkor 50mm 1: 1. this article is intended to serve as a. 2 from nikon is a manual focus prime featuring a versatile normal focal length.

the nikon nikkor- s 55 mm f/ 1. find many great new & used options and get the best deals for nikon nikkor 55mm f/ 1. 2, nikkor 50mm f/ 1. anodized and enameled aluminum. the manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 9. 2 ai- s lens at the best online prices at ebay! the showcased units above of the respective nikkor 50mm f/ 1.

this compact size and lightweight ( a characteristic shared by all of the series- e lenses) is. 2 maximum aperture excels in low- light conditions and also offers greater control over depth of field for using selective focus. 4 is one of the early, pre- ai nikkor manual focus wide angle lenses for nikon nikkor 55mm f 1 2 non ai manual focus review the f mount. at full aperture, the lens has a pleasing contrast and sharpness.

8 ais micro- nikkor was released a year later in 1980 in the ais mount. this lens has been upgraded allot over the years, of the 55mm version there is supposedly more then 6 versions out there. collar focus aids i' m used to on a manual. it' s a bright sharp well built lens able that produce exceptional images and it deservedly enjoys a reputation as one of nikon' s all time classics.