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The imacon flextight photo scanner comes with a stand- alone application driver providing automated and detailed image quality and color adjustment capabilities supporting the apple macintosh and pc windows computer platforms. user' s guide - flextight 343 hardware reference - flextight 343 13. flextight original holder holds your original firmly between two magnetic layers, enabling flextight precision ii to automatically feed, scan and eject your original with the single click of a mouse. go to your computer and follow the directions given in the flexcolor software manual to take a preview, make settings, and take the final scan. the table can be original flextight manual folded up to keep dust from entering the scanner and to keep it out of the way. the top layer ( c) is magnetic, which will hold the original in place. this ensures that the quality remains at its highest level without glass distortions and other unwanted artifacts. for the optimum in original flextight manual investment security, a flextight x1.

the information in this manual is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by imacon a/ s. user group for people with interest in imacon hasselblad scanners. built- in light table printed grid helps you to align your image precisely original flextight manual in the holder before you scan so you can avoid having to rotate it later. • frame recognition: most flextight original holders include a bar code that identifies the original format used by the holder ( 6x6, 6x7, 24x36, etc. view and download imacon flextight 343 user manual online. maintain your original 16- bit scanned data and history of previously scanned settings with this imacon scanner that features a 3f file format output.

hasselblad flextight x1. test scan using one of the standard original holders. ), though not all flextight scanners original flextight manual are equipped to read the code. • do not touch the originals and/ or the original holder while scan- ning. • do not start scanning or previewing until an original holder with an.

flextight 343 scanner pdf manual download. flextight x1 scanner. flextight x5 scanner. and can not find a way of getting it out and there’ s nothing in manual yep so can anyone help.

position the flextight 949 or x5 scanner so that its front edge is aligned with the edge of your. imacon a/ s assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this manual. the imacon flextight 646’ s compatibility with mac, windows, and xp operating systems makes it even more versatile. front panel features of flextight 343 feed table: place original holders here for scanning. hardware reference— flextight precision ii warnings and restrictions 6 english warnings and restrictions • read all of the original flextight manual included documentation before attempting to install and use the scanner. imacon flextight 646 user' s guide, part no, revision a.

close the light table, if it is open, by lifting its front edge. imacon hasselblad flextight has 662 members. the new generation of hasselblad scanners, the flextight x1 and x5, are both built original flextight manual around the same foundation. if there is still an original holder mounted inside the scanner, then remove it.

a vertical optical system allows the ccd to face downwards, creating a glass- free optical path between the original and the lens. original during the scanning process to form a completely straight line that places nothing between the original and the electronic image sensor. see your scanner manual for instruc- tions. : x226 ( for scanning six. lay the top layer of the holder down flat over the original. flextight x1 scanner pdf manual download. * original holder part no. view and download hasselblad flextight x1 original flextight manual user manual online.

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