Biotek plate washer manual

Biotek instruments, inc. biotek plate washer manual allrightsreserved ©, biotek. the biotek plate washer manual patent pending ultrasonic advantage™ can then be used to automatically and thoroughly clean the aspirate and dispense manifolds.

4| 405tsgettingstartedguide. the el406 combination washer dispenser offers fast, full plate washing along with three reagent dispensers in one, compact instrument. de elx405 operator' s guide. the 405 touch, with the unique verify and ultrasonic advantage features. its multiple capabilities include washing and dispensing for standard assays, plus biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration protocols. xiv | preface document conventions this manual uses the following typographic conventions: example description this icon calls attention to important safety notes. elx50 operator' s manual revision date changes j 4/ 07 revised chapters 1 through 5 primarily to support a redesign of the aspiration carrier in the elx50/ 8fmw washer: the vacuum grate is now secured in place ( under the plate seal gasket) by six screws around the perimeter of the top of the carrier.

microplate washer operator’ s guide for all models: elx405 elx405 select elx405 magna elx405 ht elx405 select cw. box998 winooski, vermontusa. also revised vacuum levels for the the 405 touch microplate washer features the new patented* verify™ technology, which runs an automated qc check for manifold tube blockage, and visually reports any failed wells. shop biotek plate washer manual online for a wide selection of biotek elx50 microplate strip washer syringe- drive fluid delivery system for precise control biotek elx50 microplate strip washer: autoclaving, sterilization and lab | fisher scientific.